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How to Find a Personal Injury Attorney?

If you are in an accident and need legal assistance, have you ever wondered just HOW to find the right Injury Attorney for you?

Although all attorneys in California must meet certain standards in order to practice law, such as passing the State’s Bar Exam (one of the hardest in the nation), not all attorneys are the same. Find out your attorney’s background and training. See if they will be personally handling your case, or will they be turning it over to a junior associate or law clerk. Below are some of the ways to find a qualified attorney for your case:

  1. Word of Mouth: You can inquire of family, co-workers, neighbors and friends for a referral. However, if you decide to use social media for a referral request (such as    Facebook or Nextdoor), be very careful on sharing too much information about your case.
  2. State Bar Association: Check with the California State Bar to find out an attorney’s qualifications.
  3. Local Bar Association: Check with your local Bar Association for a referral to a qualified attorney in the area of practice you are seeking.  In Orange County, CA., you can contact the Orange County Bar Association for their Attorney Referral Service. They can be contacted at (877) 257-4762.
  4. Legal Directories On-Line: There are many legal directory sites such as Findlaw, HG.org and Lawyers.com.

If you are injured from any type of accident, contact Attorney Jeffrey D. Stearman at the Law Office of Jeffrey D. Stearman.  Located in Huntington Beach, CA. Attorney Stearman has been successfully representing injury clients for over 38 years. He can be reached at (714) 871-7778 for a FREE consultation.