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Criminal Law – Robbery

Intent element of robbery does not include intent to apply force against the victim or to cause the victim to feel fear. It is robbery if the defendant committed a forcible act against the victim motivated by the intent to steal, even if the defendant did not also intend for the victim to experience force or fear....

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Criminal Law of interest

     Defendant who, while standing in the driveway of a home with the intent to commit larceny inside, uses a remote control to open a garage door--but then flees before going inside the garage when the homeowner responds to the opening door--has committed an attempted burglary of the first degree....

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Criminal Law Update:

Defendant’s asking of officers if he could request counsel, and later statement that his father had advised him to hire a lawyer, did not indicate petitioner was invoking his right to an attorney. Petitioner’s assertion of his right to remain silent did not categorically bar officers from trying to speak with him five days later.  ...

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February 19, 2011

Mr. Stearman is one of the most professional attorneys there is! Very courteous and professional and lets you know your options and helps you settle your case in a manner that is best for you. Always available by phone or e-mail and is extremely prompt in returning messages or answering question regardless of how minor or major they are. He will fight as hard as he has to to win your case and I would highly recommend him to anyone who has family law issues. -Unanimous...

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