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Should Making Fake Facebook Profiles be Illegal?

Depending on who you talk to, and which federal prosecutor you encounter, creating a fake Facebook profile may be a violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, a law designed to punish unauthorized access to computers. Relying on language that makes it a misdemeanor to "exceed authorized access" to computer systems, a number of people have been prosecuted for violating a private website's terms of service.  Senators Al Franken and Chuck Grassley would like such prosecutions to stop. In addition to prosecuting persons for creating fake Facebook profiles, respected legal scholar Orin Kerr points to cases where defendants were charged after...

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Is Your Pet Sitter Insured?

Many Americans consider their pets to be part of the extended family. Selecting a pet sitter for your furry loved-ones can be an arduous process.    You might want to know more about a pet sitter's experience and qualifications. But, have you ever thought about asking if the pet sitter has insurance? Responsible pet sitters will often have written proof that they have commercial liability insurance. What exactly is liability insurance - and why is that important when you're hiring a pet sitter? Liability insurance protects an individual from injuries they cause to third parties. So if you hire a pet sitter that...

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Can a School Take My Kid’s Cell Phone?

Many schools have cell phone policies in place to protect the learning environment. As a result, students who find themselves violating cell phone policies might find their cell phones confiscated. Legally speaking, can schools take cell phones from students? They probably can, with some limitations.  Most school districts and schools are given the power to create certain school policies regarding discipline and student conduct. With the growing use of technology, cell phones have become an increasingly important part of school policy.  Many schools across the nation have taken to banning or limiting the use of cell phones on campus by students. And,...

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Just because it happens on water, it doesn't mean there is no punishment for boating under the influence. It may be included in the typical drunken driving laws, or it may be a separate statute altogether, but every state in this country (and Guam) limits just how much alcohol a person can have before it becomes illegal to steer a boat.  Officers are even tasked with the authority to "pull over" boaters and conduct in-the-water checkpoints. Like drunken driving, boating under the influence comes with a host of punishments and a criminal record.  While it's unlikely that a citation will show up...

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