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Debt Collection & Recovery

Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest standards of quality and service by utilizing cutting edge techniques to collect outstanding receivables in an expeditious and amicable manner.


Attorney Stearman is also a California licensed Private Investigator (CA. PI 20788) which enables him to better locate skipped debtors and locate assets.

Why should I use an attorney instead of a collection agency?

The direct intervention by the Law Office of Jeffrey D. Stearman often results in greater recovery of outstanding accounts receivables and bad debt. In many circumstances, the fear of prompt and substantial legal action results in recovery of outstanding obligations without suit becoming necessary.


Debtors are less likely to ignore a collection letter from an attorney. Collection agencies cannot file small claims lawsuits in California. Only attorneys can do the one thing that debtors fear most: file a lawsuit to collect the debt.


The shock of a process server or the Sheriff on the debtor’s doorstep is a pretty good indication that you are serious about collecting your money. Many creditors just threaten suit. Many debtors know that most creditors will not sue so they just ignore them. Having the Sheriff show up takes your unpaid account to a new level of importance to the debtor. In California, corporate debtors must be represented by a lawyer. The debtor now has to either hire a lawyer of their own, or just lose by default. Either way, they are much more inclined to try to work it out. If not, they know they are facing a collection attorney. In addition, after judgment, the debtor is also facing wage garnishments, bank levies, etc.

What should I look for in a collection attorney?

When selecting a law firm to collect a past due account, the attorney should know how to evaluate your case to maximize recovery. Your lawyer should know how to take the case to trial if necessary and should have the resources find assets and collect unpaid judgments. At the Law Office of Jeffrey D. Stearman, we do not utilize paralegals to do the work. Each case is personally handled by Attorney Stearman. Further, once judgment is obtained, we do NOT need to hire outside private investigators to help identify assets to enforce money judgments, as Attorney Stearman has the advantage of also being a California Licensed Private Investigator.


We offer both hourly and contingent fee agreements.

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