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Whether it involves Dissolution; Divorce; Custody; Child Support; Spousal Support; Legal Separation; Contempt; Domestic Violence; Restraining Orders; or Paternity, the LAW OFFICE OF JEFFREY D. STEARMAN can assist you.

Family law is an area of law which covers all aspects of family relationships, generally between married persons, or those who have children together whether they are or were married or had any other kind of relationship In past. Some common family law matters include: divorce (also known as “dissolution of marriage”); annulments; legal separation; paternity proceedings (parental relationship cases); child custody and visitation; child support; spousal support (or “alimony”); support modification; domestic violence restraining orders; civil harassment restraining orders; or the division of marital property and debts.


Our office can assist you with all these kinds of issues and can do so by representing you in a contested case through litigation (usually meaning there are one or more hearings or trials before a judge); or by working collaboratively with the other party and their attorney (if they have one) in an effort to keep your legal costs down.

Our office exclusively represents clients located in Orange County, California in all these areas of family law, focusing on the unique needs of each client. Our goal is to work toward a fair resolution of your concerns, with a very responsive, compassionate and competent approach to the process, whether in court or negotiated outside court. We are as aggressive as necessary but we have a firm commitment not to over-litigate our client’s cases and do as much as possible to seek an early, equitable conclusion in all matters.

If you seek legal representation concerning a divorce or a related family law matter, JEFFREY D. STEARMAN can help you settle the division of your property, deal with child and spousal support or any other family law issues, and, if necessary, provide strong and experienced representation for you in court to finalize such matters.


Another advantage of retaining Attorney Stearman when you believe hidden assets are involved is that Attorney Stearman is also a California licensed Private Investigator (CA. PI 20788) which enables him to better locate hidden assets.

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